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Some personal philosophy

Posted in Uncategorized on January 22, 2010 by Peter

While reading through the different posts I’ve done since the start of this blog, I noticed a recurring phrase:  Reliably accurate (or some version of it).  It wasn’t consciously intended as a theme for our Tool Tips, but it’s certainly appropriate.  Everything we do at Mobile Precision Tool Service is motivated by one goal:  To make sure our customers’ tools give them the right readings every time.

Merriam-Webster’s OnLine Dictionary defines precisely what MPTS is after regarding “accurate”: 

1 : free from error especially as the result of care <an accurate diagnosis>
2 : conforming exactly to truth or to a standard : exact <providing accurate color>
3 : able to give an accurate result <an accurate gauge>

Merriam-Webster’s is also dead-on with “reliable”:

1 : suitable or fit to be relied on : dependable
2 : giving the same result on successive trials

Between us, Jerry and I have had “reliably accurate” on our minds for a total of over four decades.  It couldn’t be otherwise, or Mobile Precision Tool Service would not have been in business all these years.  2010 thus begins for us the same way all the previous years have:  Calibrating and repairing our customers’ tools so that they’re reliably accurate.

Next time:  More multi-anvil tools