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This week’s tip: Mandrel mics, part two

Posted in Uncategorized on December 8, 2009 by Peter

The best piece of advice we can give about mandrel mics is, don’t mess with the interchangeable anvils.  Simply make sure they’re clean, and that the reading is zero when checked against the standard.  If it’s off, don’t adjust the anvil; adjust the vernier barrel on the spindle end (and of course, when you’re done, put the barrel back where it was). 

If you adjust one of the anvils, you change a lot of variables in how the mic works, particularly the parallelism between the spindle and the anvil.  Sooner or later you’ll end up adjusting all the anvils, and then no one will be sure how accurate the mic is.

When MPTS calibrates mandrel mics, we take all the variables into account and set everything up so you’ll get good, reliable readings.  If you leave them the way we give them to you, you can have much more confidence in them.

Next time:  Some personal philosophy.