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This week’s tip: Size matters

Posted in Uncategorized on October 13, 2009 by Peter

Here’s a basic rule:  The larger the tool, the more temperature will affect it.  A thirty-inch mandrel micrometer, for instance, will go much farther out of tolerance at 90 degrees than a one-inch micrometer will. 

But there are tools less susceptible to temperature:  Calipers, for instance, or indicators.  Calipers don’t measure at a fine enough resolution for temperature to be as critical as it is for mics.  Indicators, while they can be found measuring down to 50 millionths’ resolution, are also a little more easygoing with regard to temperature.  That’s because there isn’t nearly as much metal in them to expand or contract.

On the whole, however, always strive to stay in that sweet spot of 68 to 73 degrees in your shop.  The better control you have over temperature, the better control you’ll have over your quality.

Next time:  Setting up a mandrel micrometer