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This week’s tip: Choosing the right brand

Posted in Tool Tips on June 25, 2009 by Peter

The best brand MPTS has found in its nearly forty years of business is Mitutoyo — and they’re not paying us to say that.  They’re reliable and accurate, and have an enormous variety of all tool types, from one-inch micrometers clear up to massive coordinate measuring machines.  But they’re not the only good tool-maker.

Brown & Sharpe, which also makes Etalon brand tools, excels in mechanical calipers and micrometers.  They’re very smooth-working, long-lived, and accurate.  B & S calipers have one drawback:  The rack is difficult to clean.  However, if you follow the tips in this blog, your troubles should be minimal.

You’re going to pay for the quality of Mitutoyo and Brown & Sharpe tools.  Just remember:  It’s worth it, if you want to make good parts.

Next time:  Something completely different.